Work EvOHlution has strategic relationships with industry leading organizations to ensure that our clients receive world-class products and services. is the global leader in Enterprise Mobility creating customized e-learning and web-based training for work place, process and practice. The interactive courses raise the bar on employee engagement making the change management process easy and enjoyable while course content can be edited, updated and customized quickly and efficiently.


Tecskor is a management consulting organization focused on ALIGNMENT. At Tecskor, we believe the best way to achieve results and improve employee morale is through alignment. To us… alignment means everyone understands the corporate goals and the strategies necessary to achieve those goals. And every employee knows exactly how they contribute as an individual to the corporate goals. Using our unique ALIGNMENT technology called PEAK; we help our clients navigate through the strategic planning process and provide you with tools to successfully deliver your goals…zero to alignment in 6 weeks and everything on your phone.


Tellent is a community  for professional women to find flexible careers. We provide the tools, support and a job board platform to make this happen. It is the only actionable service of it’s kind in Canada.

Our vision for Tellent is to create a resource that can connect women to companies that will support both career aspirations and personal commitments without bias or discrimination and to give them the necessary tools to support them on their journey. Our objective is to keep women in the workforce and inspire them to aim higher in their career aspirations and pursue their own version of success. This is made possible by giving them access to inclusive and supportive work environments where they can utilize flexibility programs and practices.

The Building People

The Building People is a corporate real estate and facilities management organization that prides itself in having 20 years of experience operating, maintaining, and providing service and space solutions that are needed for both building owners and their customers. Their leadership team includes nationally recognized leaders in the real estate management, facilities, workplace transformation, and technology sectors.

Flexwork Global

Flexwork Global is a consulting services company that helps organizations adapt and integrate disruption in the workplace with a focus on mobile workplace strategy and workforce engagement. Their services focus on four pillars of change: strategy (mobile workforce readiness, designing strategic workforce roadmaps, metrics and dashboards); policy (designing comprehensive policies that ensure mobile work compliance), training (competency building through synchronous and asynchronous training) and engagement (change enablement/change management activities in evolving corporate culture).


AgilQuest connects your people with their best choices for where to work today and helps your organization manage, control and measure the use of those desks, meeting rooms, co-working sites, and other sources of office space. AgilQuest’s technology improves employee engagement and productivity while attracting and retaining today’s top talent.

The Clearing

The Clearing, Inc. is a Washington, DC-based consulting firm specializing in strategy, organizational change management, process improvement, workplace strategy, post M&A advisory, and strategic communication services. We help private and public sector organizations anticipate, respond to, and adapt to dynamic changes in the marketplace.


Regalmark is a team of strategic workplace integrators, designers and project managers, helping organizations to embrace and leverage new ways of working. Through our proprietary suite of research-based assessments, along with turn-key modular workplace design principles, we create agile, high-performing workplaces, which empower employees and help organizations achieve their strategic goals.


Collabogence is focused on analytics and measurement of collaborative performance and helping organizations develop strategies to get better at collaborating. Collabogence’s strategies are of particular value when assessing the impact of an initiative or change effort (before and after a move or implementation of a new tool).

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