Inspiris, Zahid Torres-Rahman

Founder and Director

Tom O’Neill led our team of 10 through a team development session aimed at supporting our distributed work collaboration and effectiveness. We very much enjoyed the way Tom facilitated the exercises. Our experience in reviewing the reports, setting actionable individual and team goals, has been an increase in communication and productivity across the team. We highly recommend Work EvOHlution’s offering.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Inc., David Finlay

Senior Director Business Process Engineering

Our team agreed that the process with Work EvOHlution was very useful, and that other teams would benefit from these assessments and sessions. We have been implementing the recommendations provided, and highly recommend their tools and expertise for distributed teams and leaders in other areas of Siemens and in other organizations.

City of Calgary, Uanna Chudyk

Manager, Strategic Services

The feedback was very positive, and participants appreciated the interactive, practical and actionable learnings from this session. Given our experience with Work EvOHlution, we highly recommend their assessments, coaching and facilitation for organizations who will be or already are working in a distributed or flexible way. It has been a pleasure working directly with Dr. Hambley and her team to make this a positive experience for our leaders as we transform our organization into a new way of working.

City of Halifax, Julie Wynn

SmartTrip Coordinator, Human Resources

My contact with Laura and Tom at Distributed Worker Success Inc. has been most beneficial to our programs in Halifax. We were provided with an easy to implement online survey and a very detailed Personality Profile.  The Customized Feedback, Goal Setting and Action Planning in the Profile provide a great opportunity for managers and employees to discuss any strategies to ensure successful outcomes and avoid inefficiencies.  Included in the feedback are specific development suggestions which I found particularly helpful as they give clear and detailed recommendations on how to avoid some of the hurdles with implementing WORKshift.  I look forward to working further with Laura and her team as they facilitate a virtual session on our team’s personality results for our upcoming WORKshift pilot project.  Innovative, Effective, and a Great Resource.

City of Calgary, Lynn Rafter

Business Partner, Human Resources

Laura and Tom’s research and assessment tool provides great insight about distributed teams. There is tremendous benefit through the team debrief and dialogue. It reinforces that you need to make adjustments both as individuals and team members to accommodate others, and it points out that you have differences… that’s a good thing.

City of Calgary, Joy Reneker

Human Resources Advisor

Discussing the results of the assessment as a team could be very beneficial to your workplace whether you have a lot of flexible workers or just a few.

City of Calgary, Anonymous

Tomorrow’s Workplace Manager

I liked that it drilled down into the psychometrics of the tool. I also liked the personal experience, the opportunity to use the framework to talk about our work styles. It would help at the outset of the program, throughout the change management stream, and to top it off with a charter would be hugely important and valuable. The tool gives a focal point to facilitate a conversation, a common language, it helps you understand how to manage yourself to carve out whatever space you need.

City of Calgary, Anonymous

Tomorrow’s Workplace Team Member

I scored high overall, which I think is accurate and probably influenced by the fact that I have worked mobily or on a distributed team for a long time. And yes I struggle with procrastination!
I think it has widened my perspective on how personality has an impact on ability to work in this environment. We had good discussion and gained additional insight into our team and our program.

City of Calgary Employee, Cindy Dorval

Team Lead, Workforce Development

I really like the way that the information is laid out. Very user friendly and non-threatening. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity. It was fun!

Osprey Infomatics, Jacqui Reader

Accounts Manager

The Distributed Worker Personality Profiler gave me a greater understanding of my individual work style and how I can achieve optimal productivity throughout my work day. It created dialogue between my manager and I on the topic of working away from the office.

Alberta Treasury Branch Investor Services, Sherri Wright-Schwietz

Head of Talent & Story

Would have been helpful prior to moving into Workplace 2.0. For an individual just starting, there is great value here. On the management or strategic level, knowing any associates to be nervous about, if there are any patterns in the team…like are most people non-starters, or is there a person who needs more time spent with them.

Alberta Treasury Branch Investor Services, Anonymous

Workplace 2.0 Team Member

My report was accurate in that it predicted me having trouble working from home. I am new to ATB and have not been in a remote working environment before and have been finding it challenging.

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