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We offer innovative assessment tools to support distributed employees, teams, and leaders. All of our tools are psychometrically strong and based on data collected throughout North America.

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Distributed Worker Profiler


A unique, empirically-based personality assessment that identifies the alignment of an individual’s personality traits with the requirements of distributed work success.  Based on algorithms stemming from over 10 years of research, this assessment accurately pinpoints how one’s personality traits predict the five outcomes key to distributed work success.  The following reports are currently available:

Development Report

A comprehensive report targeted at providing development advice for employees considering or engaged in distributed work arrangement.  A few key points:

  • This report includes customized development feedback about how one’s personality attributes relate to distributed work success criteria, and what he/she can do to address any potential gaps or challenges.
  • Also included is a section for goal setting and action planning, to help the employee identify action steps to effectively manage his/her unique personality as it relates to achieving distributed work success.
  • Our algorithms consider the employee’s personality traits in order to provide feedback on likely levels of the following outcomes, and how to improve these outcomes through customized advice and action planning:
    • Job performance
    • Work engagement
    • Job satisfaction
    • Work-life balance
    • Focus

Supervisor Companion Report

A highly useful report for the supervisor of an employee considering or newly engaged in a distributed work arrangement.  Includes customized feedback about how the supervisor can best support and lead his/her employee from a distance.

Distributed Team Profiler

An aggregate report capturing the unique interplay and dynamics of personalities on a team as they relate to distributed work. Individual scores remain confidential, but the aggregate report provides unique insights for supporting the team to achieve success when working from a distance.  Suggestions for the leader and team are included, and this report can help with workforce planning.

Distributed Team Diagnostic

Distributed-Team-Diagnostic-diagramThis tool diagnoses the health of your team by assessing team dynamics such as communication and conflict management, meeting management, coordinated and synchronized processes, social atmosphere, perceptions of current team effectiveness, and views of leader behaviour. The Distributed Team Diagnostic helps teams and leaders understand strengths and areas to develop in order to diagnose challenges and improve efficiency, satisfaction, and productivity.

Distributed Leader Profiler


An assessment designed for leaders/supervisors of distributed teams, which assesses their strengths and development needs when it comes to leading from a distance.  This report provides personalized feedback and advice for supervisors/managers looking to build their distributed team leadership skills.

A few key points

  • Results are practically useful for supervisors who are newly leading a distributed team and want to maximize their chances for success.
  • Relevant for any leader who may not always work with staff in a face-to-face environment, whether team members are working from home or across geographies.

Distributed Worker Selection Report


A report that is designed for informing selection decisions with respect to a candidate’s fit for a distributed work role or arrangement.

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