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Work EvOHlution’s team of Organizational Psychologists are experts when it comes to psychometric assessments.  Since 2014, we have been helping organizations with our world-class, valid, and reliable assessments to support distributed leader, team, and employee success.


Distributed Leader Profiler

Cutting edge assessments designed for leaders of distributed teams to assess their strengths and development needs when it comes to leading from a distance. Reports provide personalized feedback for managers to build their distributed leadership skills. Relevant for leading across geographies or managing mobile workers in the same city.


A version of the Distributed Leader Profiler designed for managers currently leading a distributed team.


Similar to our Standard version, but designed for leaders who have not yet led a distributed team (but will be doing so in the future) to set them up for success.

360 Degree Feedback

Insightful assessment in which a leader’s direct reports, supervisor, and peers respond to questions about his/her distributed leadership capabilities.


Distributed Team Diagnostic

This tool diagnoses the health of a distributed team by assessing team dynamics . The Distributed Team Diagnostic helps teams and leaders understand strengths and areas to develop in order to address challenges and improve efficiency, trust, and productivity.


Distributed Work Profiler

A unique, empirically-based personality assessment that identifies the alignment of an individual’s personality traits with the requirements of distributed work success.  Based on algorithms stemming from research we began in 2003, this assessment accurately pinpoints how one’s personality traits predict the five outcomes key to distributed work success. An interactive, automated report and video-enriched debrief is immediately available.

An interactive, automated report developed with our partner, e-work, includes a video-enriched debrief.  See this video to learn more and contact us to try a demo for your organization: 

Supervisor Companion Report

A complementary report for supervisors based on an employee’s Distributed Work Profiler results, used to facilitate coaching conversations.  Includes customized feedback about how the supervisor can best support and lead his/her employee from a distance.

Distributed Team Profiler

An aggregate report capturing the unique interplay and dynamics of personalities on a team as they relate to distributed work. With individual scores kept confidential, the aggregate report provides insights for workforce planning and supporting the team to achieve success when working from a distance. 

Is productivity and engagement of your people top of mind as you move to a distributed workplace? WE can help!

Is productivity and engagement of your people top of mind as you move to a distributed workplace? WE can help!