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We have an experienced and enthusiastic team of consultants, with Industrial/Organizational Psychology training, to help maximize your successful use of assessments and support the development of your employees, leaders, teams, and overall organization.

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Assessment Debriefing and Development Planning

  • Debriefing the bullet-OH-sm Distributed Worker Profiler – Development Report
  • Individualized development planning tailored to employee needs. Typically done from a distance.


Coaching Distributed Team Leaders

Coaching geared towards distributed team leaders.  Sessions can be conducted in person or from a distance.  Focus will vary based on individual needs and challenges, including:

  • Addressing Challenges and Leveraging Benefits of Leading Distributed Workers
  • Managing the Change to Distributed Work and Making it Stick
  • Motivating and Supporting Different Personality/Work Styles on the Team


Training Distributed Team Leaders

Delivering training sessions for leaders on strategically and effectively leading a distributed team. Sessions can be a half or full day, and include topics such as:

  • Communicating effectively with distributed team members
  • Building effective distributed team dynamics
  • Ensuring alignment of the team’s vision, mission, and members roles and responsibilities
  • Managing effective distributed team meetings

Training Distributed Teams

  • Delivering training for those working as part of distributed teams
  • Sessions can be half or full day, and include topics such as:
    • Best Practices and Strategies for Distributed Teamwork
    • Distributed Team Communication
    • Developing Trust in Distributed Teams

Creating a Distributed Team Charter

Facilitating one or more half-day sessions in which the distributed team and leader work together to create a “distributed team charter” which may include the following topics:

  • Mission Statement, Vision, Team Goals, Roles and Responsibilities, and Outcomes
  • Communication and Decision-Making Expectations
  • Meeting Management (conducting effective meetings)
  • Setting norms for conflict management, conflict resolution, and constructive conflict

Distributed Teambuilding

Creation and delivery of face-to-face teambuilding sessions designed for distributed teams; teambuilding can also be conducted virtually.  Examples of topics include:

  • Implications of Personality and Works Styles in a Distributed Workplace
  • Effective Communication Strategies from a Distance
  • Distributed Team Dynamics


Change Management

We work with your organization and team members to ensure a smooth and effective transition process.  Services include:

  • Assessing Employee Attitudes and Readiness for Change
  • Engagement Strategy – Communication and Methods for Involving Employees
  • Change Management and Effectiveness Workshops and Coaching
  • Anticipating and Responding to Resistance to Change
  • Building and Communicating Success Stories
  • Identifying Roles and Responsibilities of Formal/Informal Influencers During Change

Distributed Team Climate/Culture

  • We work to assess your organization’s climate/culture, in light of recent or upcoming shifts to distributed work arrangements
  • Our surveys are tailored to areas that are important to your people, and include analysis, debriefing, and go forward planning based on results
  • We employ many effective strategies to ensure high participant response rates

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