Meet Our Team

Laura Hambley

Ph.D., R. Psych

Laura is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur who helped develop and launch Work EvOHlution, due to her passion for enhancing distributed worker success. Laura holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Calgary, specializing in the human dynamics of distributed leadership and teamwork. She has completed and published extensive research on the critical success factors for effectively leading distributed teams. Laura also coordinated a major telework research project through the Haskayne School of Business in Calgary (2004-05), and has co-authored a book on the topic (Growing the Virtual Workplace, 2008). Further, she has developed and delivered seminars on distributed teams for organizations and universities.

Laura is an entrepreneur who also founded Canada Career Counselling and co-founded the Leadership Success Group, a Calgary-based leadership consulting firm. She is currently an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary, and enjoys actively participating in research and supervising/teaching students.

Tom O’Neill

Director of Research

Tom leads the research design, measurement, statistical analyses, and algorithm development underlying Work EvOHlution’s suite of assessments. He is involved in the ongoing refinement and enhancement of the predictive algorithms that make Work EvOHlution’s assessments so powerful. His background is in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, in which he received his undergraduate degree in 2005 from the University of Calgary and PhD in 2011 from the University of Western Ontario. He currently holds a position as a full-time faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary, specializing in the psychology of distributed work, team effectiveness, and personality assessment.

Tom launched his research lab in 2011, which has received over $1M in grant funding to support knowledge creation and application in his areas of expertise. Tom has contributed to industry in several areas such as team assessment (e.g., Encana, Husky), distributed work (e.g., Alberta Treasury Branch, City of Calgary, Alberta Health Services), personality assessment (e.g., Sigma Assessment Systems), and performance assessment (e.g., A large Health Information Network; Jackson Leadership Systems).

Madyson Huck

Office Coordinator

Madyson is a graduate of the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She joins Work EvOHlution with several years of experience in administrative and research settings and is passionate about studying methods that help individuals attain success in their lives. Madyson supports the organization’s growing team of researchers and consultants by managing the successful execution of projects for local and international clients, as well as generating Work EvOHlution’s suite of assessments and assisting with the daily administration needs of the business. In addition to her role at Work EvOHlution, Madyson works with Leadership Success Group, Canada Career Counselling, and Synthesis Psychology. She began as a volunteer in March 2015 and quickly moved into a permanent role where she also provides project and administrative support.

April Dyrda

Consultant and Project Coordinator

April is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and Consultant who brings over five years of experience in leadership/team development, workshop design, and project coordination to her role. Involved with Work EvOHlution since its inception, April is experienced in the administration and analysis of the organization’s innovative suite of assessment tools. This specialized research background paired with her consultant experience provides April with a unique understanding of how to effectively translate assessment results into practical and actionable solutions for organizations.

April holds a Master of Science degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary as well as a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology from the same institution. Her education and research background centered on the topic of career transition, investigating how individuals can best approach and navigate change in their careers and workplaces. She is an experienced and sought after speaker, having delivered numerous sessions at conferences and to organizations across Canada.

Rebecca Como

Office Coordinator

Rebecca is one of the office coordinators at Work EvOHlution and she has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta. Rebecca is also currently taking an after degree in psychology at the University of Calgary. Her combined interests in business and psychology made her a great addition to our team which she joined in August 2018. With a background in project management, event coordination, and purchasing, Rebecca pulls from her diverse experiences to strengthen and support our team. In addition to helping at Work EvOHlution, Rebecca works closely with Calgary Career Counselling and Synthesis Psychology.

Sarah Laughton

B.Sc., M.A. Candidate
Senior Consultant

Sarah is an Executive Coach and Senior Consultant who has worked across many industries from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with globally distributed teams. She started her career as an environmental specialist in the energy industry for the first ten years. In 2012, she discovered transformative ways to improve human performance and achieve exceptional business results, which caused her to switch her career to coaching. Sarah is skilled at providing one-on-one performance coaching to improve leadership skills, communication and productivity, as well as initiating cultural transformations with teams and organizations. She has been a global team member herself and understands the challenges of the virtual workspace.

Sarah holds a BSc in Earth Sciences from Simon Fraser University and is in her final year of the Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology program from Yorkville University. Her experience with coaching clients over the years had her seek academic pursuits in psychology to broaden her knowledge and the solutions she can offer. Sarah also spent 3 years undertaking various leadership and coaching training courses either in house with Shell Canada or through personal development organizations. She is trained in Toyota Lean, Agile and Design Thinking methodologies.


Michael Sorsdahl

C.D., Ph.D. in Education, C.C.C., R.C.C., G.C.D.F., R. Psych (p)
Senior Consultant

Michael Sorsdahl combines his experience from senior leadership positions over 20+ years in the Canadian Armed Forces with his entrepreneurial work in health and wellness in working with nationally and internationally distributed teams. Michael uses both informal and formal assessments in several modalities with clients, including leadership and workplace assessments, that help explore how organizations and individuals can better function in the workplace, ultimately creating a positive corporate culture for people to thrive in. His knowledge of working with teams and distributed team management in the government provides a unique perspective when combined with the academic background and theory of team and group dynamics.

Michael completed his MA in Counselling Psychology at University of Victoria, and his PhD from the University of British Columbia in 2010 where he specialized in Counselling Psychology and Education, which supports his current work as a Provisional Psychologist in both Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Clinical/Counselling Psychology. He is a sessional instructor at the University of Victoria in their Counselling Psychology program, and is the psychological assessment instructor for Life Strategies Inc. He also works with Canada Career Counselling and the Leadership Success Group, focusing on helping individuals and teams maximize their personal potential in career and the workplace.

Colleen Lucas

Ph.D., R. Psych
Senior Consultant

Colleen has over 15 years consulting experience in the areas of personal and organizational development, both in the private and public sectors.  Colleen holds a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Calgary.  She has extensive experience with psychometric assessments to help individuals and groups increase their self-awareness and become more effective in the workplace.  She has a special interest and passion for helping organizations create psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.  She also enjoys working with and supporting individuals to adapt to and thrive in their workplaces and distributed teams.

Colleen is currently an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary.  She has a certificate in Prosci Change Management and has created curriculum and taught distance-learning courses on managing change at the individual and organizational level.  Colleen also provides career counselling through Canada Career Counselling as well as leadership assessment and development with the Leadership Success Group.

Aaron Telnes


Aaron has over 5 years of experience in the development, implementation, interpretation, and presentation of projects and applied research assessments, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of programs/interventions and individuals. Throughout his career, Aaron has sought to improve programs and performance by effecting change at the individual and organizational levels. Aaron is adept at conflict management and resolution to foster increased understanding, stronger relationships, and clearer objectives. In his work with individuals and organizations, Aaron adopts a creative, collaborative and solution-focused mindset to achieve desired results. Aaron enjoys supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in navigating and optimizing the effectiveness of distributed work and teams.

Aaron is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. He works in the fields of Industrial/Organizational and Clinical/Counselling Psychology, with Leadership Success Group and Calgary Career Counselling, helping organizations and individuals achieve optimal functioning, productivity, and engagement. Aaron holds a Master of Counselling degree from the University of Calgary, where he received a Canadian Institute of Health Research Scholarship for his research evaluating the effectiveness, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of an organizational mental health model. His undergrad degree also comes from the University of Calgary where he received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology, during which time he designed, implemented, interpreted, and presented a research study investigating the effectiveness of a short-term problem-solving intervention on performance anxiety.

Rehana Meghani


Rehana is an experienced consultant and certified coach who has had 7 years of experience in addressing challenges in the workplace. She joins Work EvOHlution with experience in developing and designing research methodology, conducting individual assessments, survey development and evaluation, and advanced statistical analyses. She is dedicated to solving workplace challenges by helping leaders to identify problems, conceptualize and apply solutions, and evaluate results.

Rehana holds a PhD in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University in New York with a focus on evaluating customer satisfaction and loyalty following service failures and recoveries. She received her M.A. in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York and her B.A. in Psychology from MacEwan University in Edmonton.

Christianne Varty

M.Sc. (Cand.), BA (Hons)
Research and Product Development

Christianne is a Research and Development Associate at Work EvOHlution. She applies her research and project coordination skills to support the development of Work EvOHlution’s suite of assessment tools. In particular, she is actively involved in the development and refinement of the Distributed Team Diagnostic. In addition, she led the research and development of the Distributed Leader Profiler. She also plays an active role in communicating Work EvOhlution’s research findings to the public via blog and magazine articles and presentations.

Christianne is passionate about applying a rigorous research approach to enhancing workplace outcomes. In addition to her work with Work EvOHlution, she has worked on several research projects in the Haskayne School of Business and the University’s Department of Psychology examining different forms of leadership, and individual and team performance. For example, her honours thesis focused on the leader’s role in improving workplace safety outcomes. Recently, she graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Psychology. She is now pursuing her Master of Science degree in Organizational Behaviour at Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario, Canada).

Travis Schneider

M.Sc., Ph.D. (Cand.)
Product and Marketing Consultant

Travis Schneider is an Industrial and Organizational Psychology Consultant who ensures that the right employees are working in the right places by leveraging his expertise in employee selection and development assessments. For Work EvOHlution, this means ensuring that an employee is capable of working well away from the office, and, when warranted, training/coaching that employee, their colleagues, and their supervisor to prepare that individual for successful distributed work.

Travis received a M.Sc. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and is currently completing his PhD on the topic of how new technologies, such as social media, can be used as part of an organization’s hiring process. His graduate and consulting work on assessments has ranged from focusing on the design, or psychometrics, of assessments to the validation and administration of these assessments, and finally to the delivery of assessment feedback to clients. With his experience and skills, he understands the importance early employee assessment has on future work performance, turnover, and team processes.

Stephanie Paquet

Change & Leadership Consultant

Stephanie Paquet is a Senior Consultant with over 12 years of experience consulting with organizations in a variety of industries in the area of talent management, including the design of selection systems, facilitation of leadership development initiatives, succession planning, leadership coaching, 360 feedback, psychological and behavioural assessments for selection and development. She has worked with leaders at all organizational levels by becoming a trusted partner and coach. In addition, she is fluent in both English and French, having facilitated workshops, coached leaders, and conducted various assessments in both languages. She offers sound technical knowledge in the area of industrial and organizational psychology, combined with solid business experience in a variety of industries and sectors- from oil & gas to financial institutions, retail and government.

A sought-after presenter, Stephanie has spoken to members of the HR Institute of Alberta on maximizing leadership capacity within their organization. She has also presented at several national and international conferences and published in local and national magazines and journals.

Stephanie is a graduate of McGill University. She also completed her MSc. and Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Calgary. She has recently taught at the University of Calgary in the area of Organizational Psychology. She has been a Certified Human Resources Professional since 2004 and is currently chair of the Strategic Capability Network’s Calgary chapter.


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