We are driven to see your leaders, teams, and employees achieve excellence through specialized assessments and consulting around the human challenges and opportunities in "Distributed Work” (working away from the structure, supervision, and co-workers found in the traditional office).

Distributed work includes these ways of working:

We address the critical role of leadership, work styles/personality, and team dynamics as they relate to distributed work. Our solutions are based on over 15 years of research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, setting us apart as experts on the human dynamics in distributed environments. We work with organizations considering the adoption of distributed work, transitioning into distributed workplaces or working on local or global distributed teams.

We don’t just stop with assessment, but offer customized debriefs and workshops to leaders, teams, and employees. It’s extremely important that people understand how the strengths and gaps identified in assessments can help them enhance their distributed workplace success.

Consider our innovative assessments and consulting offerings – we’d love to hear from you, so please contact us for more information!

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